More Than a Business, a Testament to Resilience

Welcome to Many Stages, a sanctuary of Native American handmade beaded jewelry and recovery goods nestled in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Founded by Lamaya Jarrell, a Woman of Wellbriety, Many Stages is more than just a business; it's a testament to resilience and a celebration of cultural heritage.


Beaded Jewelry

Beaded Jewelry
Recovery Goods

Beaded Jewelry


A Journey of Resilience and Creativity

My journey began in May 2019, emerging from the depths of personal recovery and blossoming into a beacon of hope and creativity. My artistry, born from my ...

Discover the Healing Power of Art

At Many Stages, I believe in the healing power of art and the transformative journey of creativity. I discovered the profound impact of beading as a tool ...

Embrace Community, Embrace Connection

I also believe in the power of community and the strength found in connection. As a Woman of Wellbriety, my business is deeply rooted in the values of ...


Bobbie Hill

12 May 2024
19 days ago
This jewelry isn't JUST quality made by a master craft woman, it's made by healing hands, with love and good intentions for all who wear it. It carries her red ...
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Adrian Hinckley

05 April 2024
2 months ago
I've bought several pairs of earrings from Lamaya of Many Stages and have been so happy with them. She is a wonderful person who loves her art and sharing it ot...
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